Red Eagle-1 (2022)

Today’s dream is tomorrow’s reality. Mars awaits.

The first humans who will set foot on Mars are likely just kids today. Who are they, and what influences surround them?

Regardless of politics or societal issues, when humans reach Mars in the next 20 years, it will be the pinnacle of human exploration and achievement. It will take the best and brightest minds to get us there, it will be the furthest we’ve ever been from home, and we are the lucky generation who will get to witness it.

Filmed in Virginia in summer 2020 under strict lockdown conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Red Eagle-1 tells the story of a young boy who will not give up on his dream to reach Mars, despite the weight of a world stacked against him.

Red Eagle-1 is an all-new short film starring Jason White and introducing Xavier Broughton. Directed by Johnny K.

Red Eagle-1 is currently in post-production and is expected to premiere in 2022.