Star Trek Fan Film “FARRAGUT FORWARD” Smashes $30,000 Funding Goal!

April 2, 2022

Farragut Forward, a Star Trek fan-production and collaboration between Farragut Films and Kaotica Studios, has smashed its fundraising goal of $30,000. News broke last week that the project had surpassed its campaign goal on Indiegogo and is scheduled to move into production in summer 2022.

Farragut Forward now takes its place as one of the highest-funded Star Trek fan-productions since the release of the CBS Fan Film Guidelines in 2016. It is the continuation of the long-running Starship Farragut fan series and marks the jump from the 1960s era of Original Series Star Trek into the 1980s movie era.

The three-minute “prologue” has already been released on YouTube, and the full episode will continue the story.

Jumping boldly into a new era of Star Trek is not without challenges, or great expense. Funds raised for Farragut Forward will be used for the construction of new sets (including 1980s-era bridge sets), costumes, props, and other production costs, as well as post-production expenses including practical ship models, CGI and visual effects.

A 1:350 scale Klingon Bird of Prey practical model/filming miniature built by Mike Bednar for Farragut Forward.

As an homage to 1980s filmmaking and Trek films of that period, Farragut Forward is striving to shoot as much with practical effects, models, and physical sets as possible, in an attempt to recreate the tone and feeling of 1980s movie-era. “For us, heavy use of CGI and green-screens is a fallback, not a starting point,” said Director/Cinematographer Johnny K.

Executive Producer John Broughton and Director/Cinematographer Johnny K.
John Broughton and Mike Bednar.

After the funding goal was reached on March 28, Farragut Films executive producer John Broughton was overjoyed:

I am overwhelmed and extremely humbled. A lot of hard work has gone into this campaign, working it every day. Thank you everyone who has backed, shared and promoted this campaign. Special thanks to Johnny K., Case Aiken, Frank Hernandez, and Jon Vitale, and other members working to make this campaign successful to include the understanding and support from our better halves. Even with five days remaining, we will continue to work this campaign as the more funds that are garnered, the better the film we can make it. FARRAGUT FORWARD is happening!

Michael Bednar as Captain Tacket in Farragut Forward.
New and returning cast members for Farragut Forward, including Frank Skony, Brynn Elders, and Ava Broughton.

Now that Farragut Forward has reached its funding goal, the non-commercial project will move into “InDemand” status on Indiegogo, allowing additional funds to be raised, even after the closing of the campaign. Stretch goals include the construction of a Klingon bridge set, as well as a Starfleet transporter room and corridor. Unlike fan films set during the 1960s Original Series of Star Trek, Farragut Forward requires all new sets to be built completely from scratch, with the same level of quality that the set-construction team became known for during the original run of Starship Farragut.

As sets and costumes continue to be built, a table-read for the entire cast is now scheduled (a video of the table-read is offered as a perk on Indiegogo for backers who donate $150 or more).

“There’s so much to do and we’re very excited,” said Director/Cinematographer Johnny K. “Thanks to everyone who has supported this project, and we can’t wait to tell this story!”

Director Johnny K. and actor/executive producer John Broughton on-set of Farragut Forward (prologue).
Eric Olds showcasing his movie-era Radiation Suit costume to be used in Farragut Forward.

Line Producer/Production Manager Case Aiken was also ecstatic:

I’m thrilled that we hit our target number! Farragut has a great track record of following through on projects that have been crowdfunded and putting out high-quality work, but there’s a lot going on in the world and the fan-film community has to overcome new hurdles that weren’t there five years ago. A lot of people said that something as ambitious as our goal wasn’t possible in the current fan film climate, and I just had to shrug my shoulders and say we’ll make Farragut Forward regardless, but hopefully we can raise the money to make the best version. Clearly the Star Trek fandom came out for us. They wanted to see that best version! We’re going to make the best version! We have a great team who have all proven themselves as capable filmmakers and I couldn’t be happier with this project as we finish pre-production and start shooting!

Tonya Broughton as Martia and Wes Johnson as Valal.

This project marks the return of many of the original Starship Farragut cast, including John Broughton, Mike Bednar, Holly Bednar, and Paul Sieber, as well as several new characters played by Wes Johnson, William Jay, and more.

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