Farragut Forward: A Star Trek Fan Production

Welcome to the final frontier…

The prologue to Farragut Forward was released January 27, 2022! See it HERE!
In June 2021, Kaotica Studios announced a partnership with Farragut Films, one of the longest-running and most beloved Star Trek fan productions. 

The result of this collaboration is Farragut Forward: A Star Trek Fan Production, the continuation of Starship Farragut adventures, set in the “monster maroon” world of the 1980s Star Trek movie era. 

Preproduction began in summer 2021 in accordance with the Fan Film Guidelines issued by CBS/Paramount. At this time, several key production decisions were made on the production’s tone and visual style, including the costumes, and an emphasis on filming practical ship models as an homage to the 1980s era of sci-fi filmmaking, and to the early days of Industrial Light and Magic (ILM).

Producer and Farragut Films founder John Broughton had this to say: Fans can expect a more ‘sophisticated’ version of Farragut…  a darker, more serious side.  After a recent camera/lighting test, Johnny said, “This isn’t your Daddy’s Farragut!”  He’s right, and my expectation is that our fanbase will be highly impressed, wanting to see more with new fans following.



After pre-production concluded in the summer 2021, cameras rolled on the Farragut Forward prologue in October 2021. The single set was a very small room (roughly 10′ by 10′), which was packed full of lights, gear, smoke, and at some points more than 10 members of the cast and crew. 

Filming was originally planned for two days, but thanks to the hard work of the cast and crew, production wrapped in a single 12-hour day, including a full tear-down and rebuild of the set midday. 

The three-minute prologue was a lot of work crammed into a very tight production period. It took many of our actors several hours to get into their costumes, prosthetics, and makeup, so instead of coming back and doing it all over again on the second day of filming, everyone pushed to wrap the shoot in a single day. We even tore the set down at lunch and rebuilt it for the turnaround shots. It made for a very long day, in a very cramped set, but the results were well worth it. 

– Director Johnny K.

With principal photography wrapped, editing began and a rough cut was shown in November 2021 with all cast and crew seeing it for the first time together as a group.  Sound design and visual effects shots were added and finalized soon after, including the filming of the practical Bird-of-Prey ship model, built by actor and model-maker Michael Bednar. 

The prologue sets up the story for the full Farragut Forward episode, currently in pre-production and to be filmed throughout 2022 and 2023, with an expected release in early 2024. 


Farragut Forward marks the return of of several classic characters from the Farragut universe, including John Broughton as Carter and Michael Bednar as Tacket. William Jay,  Dale Henry, and Matt Henry play Klingon officers. 


The Farragut Forward prologue features the track “War Drums” by Rhythm Scott, as well as music by Austrian composer Martin Puehringer.

With the story’s prologue released in January 2022, preproduction moves forward on the full episode of Farragut Forward, currently in production throughout 2022 and 2023, with an expected release in early 2024.  

Stay tuned to Kaotica Studios and Starship Farragut social media channels for more information!


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